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DONALD'S Market, a gem in HASTINGs sunrise

(August 31, 2011)

Did you know Donald's Market has been serving the folks of Hastings Sunrise since 1986? When we work with clients selling or searching for a home in this area, Donald's is always fondly noted as THE place to go. Known for their fresh produce, amazing organic and gluten free selection, Donald's Market truly is a one stop shop. They carry everything from produce and meat to cleaning products and hot... read more.

Those Little donuts

(August 30, 2011)


Global News : Monday, August 29, 2011 12:00 AM

Read it on Global News: PNE admission costs a pretty penny for families 

VANCOUVER - With the cost of just about everything on a steady climb, how does a family find the money to do more than just put food on the table and a roof over their head? 

Take the Fair at the PNE, where just one day o... read more.

Vancouver's Chinatown Night Market

(August 29, 2011)

Photograph by Jon Cranny

When it comes to size and scope, Vancouver’s Chinatown Night Market can’t compare to Richmond’s Summer Night Market. But the Chinatown Night Market has a charm and spirit just as big as its sister market, and its urban, neighbourhood setting in the heart of historic Chinatown gives it a street-festival atmosphere that makes it just as worthy of a visit.Of course, there are... read more.

Full Day Kindergarten For All Public Schools

(August 28, 2011)

Last year, the province introduced a full day kindergarten program that was implemented for half of all BC elementary schools.  Though the initiative did receive some concerns about fatigue for the children transitioning into full day classes, the program was met with an overall positive response.  Now, the full day kindergarten program is being rolled out to all schools starting next month.

Teacher... read more.

BC said "NO" to HST!

(August 26, 2011)

It was announced today that BC, with 54.7% of the total 1.6 million votes, voted to extinguish the HST, and return to the previous GST + PST tax system.  However, the government will need roughly 18 months to restore the old 7% PST (and 5% GST).  The HST will remain in place until March 31, 2013.

So that means home buyers purchasing new homes will continue to pay the 12% HST until then. 

If the previo... read more.

Confused About "Variable" Rate Mortgages?

(August 24, 2011)

This is something that many people have questions about.  When you have a variable rate mortgage, the interest rate you pay can change from time to time.  How does it change and why?  Well there are 2 parts to a variable rate:

The rate you pay is equal to Prime Rate + Bank Spread

Prime Rate is determined by the government and it is the same for all of the big Canadian Banks. The rate can only be cha... read more.

Community Project - "THIS IS EAST VAN"

(August 22, 2011)

In 2010, founder Erin Sinclair began a community project, to celebrate East Vancouver's art, design, architecture, food, and diverse population, by publishing a book called "THIS IS EAST VAN".  The book is composed of photos submitted by the community.  Any image of East Vancouver, from anyone.  Real images, by real people, from this vibrant community. 

The "allure is contained in every story told by... read more.


(August 21, 2011)

We're on the search for Rental Properties in East Vancouver?

We have an investor looking for rental houses / investment properties and they're ready to buy now and willing pay full market value.

The search criteria includes a full size lot (approx. 33' x 122'), 2 or 3 bedrooms upstairs with a self contained 2 or 3 bedroom suite downstairs, not on a busy/main street and the home should be in decent c... read more.