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Developers in China uses the Name Vancouver

(May 31, 2012)

An article by highlights the new trend in China, where developers name their projects with the name "Vancouver" in it to attract more buyers.  No surprise that Greater Vancouver area has been a hotspot for asian real estate investors, and now it's become so well known in China that they use own name in their marketing strategies.  Here are some examples:

Top left: Vancouver South Gard... read more.

Realtors Giving Back to the Community

(May 28, 2012)

Although Realtors are self employed, and a lot of us work alone, we are all Professionals that work under the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. And we recognize that as a group, we can make a difference in our own community. To highlight one way we give back: Since 2007, Greater Vancouver Realtors donated/raised over $8.5 million for charity via ads placed in the Vancouver Sun. This number cont... read more.

Parade of Renovated Homes

(May 22, 2012)

The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) invites the public to tour eight professionally renovated homes in Burnaby, North Vancouver, Surrey and Vancouver on Sunday, June 10 from 10 am to 4 pm.

The tour showcases leading-edge design, advanced construction techniques and products, and energy-saving features.

Renovations on display include the revitalization of a 1950s bungalow, restor... read more.

No Smoking Bylaws coming to Stratas?

(May 17, 2012)

Most strata properties today do not have a non-smoking bylaw in place, but instead have standard rules against owners/tenants causing nuisance or hazard to other occupants in the building. 

However, this week a couple in Langley BC was awarded $8,000 by the BC Human Right Tribunal, because their neighbours were smoking on the balcony next door. The argument was the couple was pregnant and had diabe... read more.

House Prices: 9 Reasons NOT to Panic

(May 14, 2012)

Recent article by Larry MacDonald in Canadian Business tells people not buy into the media hype, and that our market is not likely to crash like the US did in 2008.  Here are 9 reasons why we should not panic and sell our homes:

1. Over many decades in the past, the media always blows things out of proportion. Focus on long term trends and don't give too much weight to recent events. Housing crashes... read more.

BMO Predicts Price Drop

(May 11, 2012)

BMO Bank of Montreal Mortgage Expert Carolyn Heaney predicts that in the next few years, Vancouver housing marketing will begin to fall. 

She describes the market softening.  With the last 6 months seeing prices jump 163%, we are due for a drop.  Sales since the beginning of the year are 20% lower than the same period last year.

Other reasons why Carolyn Heaney believes our housing prices will begin... read more.

Yaletown's Secret Garden

(May 06, 2012)

Article from writes that in Yaletown, that secret green oasis is .39 hectare Emery Barnes Park.  Dwarfed by 20-, 30- and soon-to-be 40-storey condo towers, Emery Barnes officially opened last week: an unlikely island of green in a concrete jungle.

It’s a gorgeous – if modest – park: one whole block of grassy lawn and bubbling fountains, leafy trees and benches for soaking up the... read more.

Vancouver asks BC Hydro for Smart Meter opt-out

(May 02, 2012)

Vancouver city council has voted unanimously to ask that B.C. Hydro “offer an opt out option” to British Columbians opposed to having a wireless smart meter at their homes.

The motion as approved follows: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT The City of Vancouver write to BC Hydro requesting:

1) That BC Hydro provide public assurances that individual household privacy will be maintained in any public rel... read more.