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Collingwood is heating up!
We like to call Collingwood East East Van.

It’s a little edgier than other east side hoods, meaning it needs some time to become it’s neighboring Mount Pleasant with high end shoe shops and fine dining restaurants. But the good news about this lag time is Collingwood is a great place to start!

As we all know, some buyers are forced to go a little further east to get the most home for their buck. Along with all this new buying & selling action comes great little shops and cafes. But, as it is, Collingwood has a lot to offer. It’s close to everything, like Transit (Joyce Skytrain), 15 minute drive to downtown and even less time to Burnaby across Boundary.

Collingwood Neighborhood House is a great resource for families and the community. Offering child care services, family programs, recreation (get your zoomba on). There are many little restaurants offering everything from Pho, Chinese, Filipino cuisine and one of our favorites, Van Ya Japanese on Harold Street.  Not to mention, many fruit & veggie shops and bubble tea cafes (extra pearls please). 

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