Growing Trend - Wood Finished Kitchens

(December 08, 2011 )

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By far, granite is the most popular kitchen countertop material nowadays.  But not every cook wants the cold, hard look of polished stone.  There has been a recent trend to use hardwood countertops when remodeling kitchens.

"We've come full circle," says Colin Gloeckler, general manager of Artistic Mouldings and Millwork.  "Before granite became trendy, which was about 15 to 20 years ago, wood and laminates were the most common material in kitchens."

One reason is that wood surface is easily repaired.  Stains, scratches, or scorching can be sanded down and refinished.  Heavily damaged parts can also be removed and replaced.  Another reason consumers have started to use hardwood is because its material is usually grown and harvested much closer to home.  It can be a much "greener" alternative than granite, which is mostly processed and shipped from countries like Brazil, India, and Italy.

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