River District - Over 7,000 New Homes To Be Built

(September 23, 2011 )

Photography by Les Bazso, PNG of the Discovery Center in the River District on Kerr Street, Vancouver

More news and specifics are being released about the developing River District.  Over some 130 arces along the Fraser River, between Kerr Street and Boundary Road, more than 7,000 new homes will be constructed.  The undertaking will represent one of the largest development projects in Vancouver over the next two decades.  Though the homes may not be built yet, a large presentation center has been setup, which is also a community center offering drop-in yoga, book clubs, and programs for young children.

The award winning ParkLane Homes development company will oversee the construction.  Its chief operating officer Ben Taddei emphasized, "It is so rewarding to see people using and enjoying the public spaces here at the River District; it's the ultimate test of urban planning and design."  Mr. Taddei also stated, "River District represents an undertaking that has regional and, one could even argue, international significance."

For additional information, see an article in the Vancouver Sun:  http://www.househunting.ca/vancouversun/RiverDistrict