Pick a Home with your Heart, Not your Wallet

(June 03, 2012 )

It's sad to hear when someone says to me, "help me find a home, price is the most important thing..."  My reply has always been, "no, finding you a home you can see yourself living in, is the most important thing."

Now I am not discounting the importance of price.  We live in the most expensive real estate market in Canada, and affordability is on everyone's mind.  But let your Realtor be the objective one; let him/her know your financial situation, and allow that expert to find the home that suits you, while keeping your price range in mind.

Unless you are purchasing an investment property, please don't focus too much on listing prices.  Buying a home purely due to the "right" price, can often times lead to buyers remorse, and wanting to find a new place again in a few years (which will cost you more in the long run).  Pick a home with your heart:  Does the home give you the right vibe?  Can you see yourself coming home here everyday and relaxing?  Is the neighbourhood the right fit for you and your family? 

Many times when working with Buyers, the client ends up buying a home that is VERY different than what they were looking for in the beginning.  After seeing what's available in the market, search criteria often change drastically, and at the end they pick a home they "fell in love with".  And that is what we all as Realtors should strive for... the emotional moment of finding the home they love... the excitement in their eyes from moving into their new home... and the satisfaction that we should all get for knowing we help the - and a job well done.