Lee Building

  • Lee Building   --   175 East Broadway  - Vancouver East/Mount Pleasant VE #1
  • Lee Building   --   175 East Broadway  - Vancouver East/Mount Pleasant VE #2
Lee Building  175 East Broadway is located at East Broadway and Main Street in East Vancouver's  Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

This famous and historic building has a very accessible location in an area with local amenities, entertainment venues, recreational facilities, schools, shopping and restaurants within a short distance. The notable landmarks around Lee Building include Science World, Vancouver General Hospital, Edgewater Casino, Rogers Arena, Jonathon Rogers and Major Matthews Parks. Direct access to the Kingsway and other major routes allows for an easy commute to surrounding destinations including North Vancouver.  This central location provides public transit including  Main Street Sky Train station that will easily connect you to every corner of the Lower Mainland.

The Lee Building was built in 1911 and it was completely renovated in the 1980s. It has beautiful marble walls, stairs, and hallway floors, and the structure of steel pillars encased in concrete is sound and earthquake-proof. Complex New York style apartments featuring vintage radiators, overheight ceilings,  lots of in-suite storage, and big old-school windows. In addition; the view from the rooftop is amazing.

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175 East Broadway
Vancouver East
Mount Pleasant VE
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