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IDSWest in Vancouver

(September 30, 2011)

Photography by Jon Pesochin from an article by the Vancouver Sun

IDSwest or Interior Design Show West, is an annual event showcasing the latest in contemporary, cutting edge, and original home designs. Its featuring 200 exhibitors showcasing quality products and services to an audience of industry professionals, architects, designers, consumers and media. Find the next design for your your home or... read more.

Little Nest  |  1716 Charles St. off The DRive 

(September 28, 2011)

1718 Charles St. | East Van

Little Nest is a haven for anyone with kids. A place where judgement is left at the door when your sweater is covered in food, your socks don't match and your hair hasn't been washed for a week! You will find yourself side-by-side with other tired moms nursing and sipping lattes to keep at least one eye open. But truth be told, there is always a well dressed mom among us... read more.

Laneway House Tour

(September 26, 2011)

Mona, Angela's man-crazy mom lived in one over the garage behind the main house on Who's the Boss? Remember that '80s sitcom where Toni Micelli cooked & cleaned while the woman of the house ran a successful Ad Agency & Samanatha Micelli incited crazy trends like neon leg warmers,scrunchies & oversized cable-knit sweaters...  I digress. Since July 2009, laneway houses have been permitted in Vancouv... read more.

River District - Over 7,000 New Homes To Be Built

(September 23, 2011)

Photography by Les Bazso, PNG of the Discovery Center in the River District on Kerr Street, Vancouver

More news and specifics are being released about the developing River District. Over some 130 arces along the Fraser River, between Kerr Street and Boundary Road, more than 7,000 new homes will be constructed. The undertaking will represent one of the largest development projects in Vancouver over... read more.

Best Bakery Winner On Commercial Drive

(September 22, 2011)

Fratelli Bakery located at 1795 Commercial Drive

Opening its doors back in 1997, Fratelli's is an awarding winning Vancouver based authentic Italian Bakery. This year, it won Georgia Straight's Best Bakery of Vancouver, as well as their "Golden Plates Winner". Their menu includes various Italian pastries, breads, cookies, cupcakes, biscotti, and custom cakes. All their recipes are original and mad... read more.

Vancouver Specials can be Special!

(September 21, 2011)

                                                                  Vancouver Special Renovation by Iconstrux Architecture

If you're from around these parts you know a Vancouver Special when you see one. A boxy, kinda homely 2 level house, patio off the top floor surrounded by metal railings. There may or may not be a set of lion statues greeting you at the entrance...
Thousands of Vancouver Specials were constructed in the 1960's and 70s and have become a dominant... read more.

Condo Owners:  Voice your Opinion by October 31

(September 19, 2011)

The province is hoping to get public input, in creating a better system for strata dispute resolutions.  The idea is to setup a tribunal that would be more accessible, efficient, and cheaper than going to court. 

An online survey has been setup and so far over 1,600 strata owners have already pre-registered.  Condo owners will have until October 31 to take part in the survey.  It can be found at:  www... read more.

Dine and "Art" at the Libra Room

(September 17, 2011)

Photo from the Caragh Maskery Collection.

Located in the heart of Commercial Drive area (1608 Commercial Drive), the Libra Room is more than just a brunch and dinner restaurant.  With live jazz music everyday of the week, the venue also features a new artist each month, with artwork available for purchase.  

This month will be showcasing "The Forbiden Fruit". Until September 30, meet local artists at... read more.

Using Your Home to Secure a Line of Credit

(September 15, 2011)

This is a common question we get from our clients. Many lenders and banks often offer to set you up with a line of credit, secured by your home. However many people hesitate because they do not fully understand the benefits of doing so. There could be several objections from homeowners: they don't want to pay the one time legal fee to set it up; they may not need a large line of credit at this tim... read more.

Heart Breaker Salon 

(September 14, 2011)

What's so great about going to the hair salon? Everything!! The smell of yummy product + lounging back as warm water splashes against your head whilst lovely fingers massage your scalp (sigh...I near fell off my chair). When the ambiance + music and the very talented stylist makes you want to rush back for another visit, you know you've found a gem of a salon. Heartbreaker Salon, located along the... read more.

Heart Breaker Salon 

(September 14, 2011)

Heart Breaker Salon | 629 Kingsway @ Fraser East Van | 604.875.0079

What's so great about going to the hair salon? Everything!! The smells of yummy product + lounging back as warm water splashes against your head whilst lovely fingers massage your scalp  (sigh...i near fell of my chair). When the ambiance + music and the very talented stylist makes you want to rush back for another cut you know you... read more.

Did you buy Earthquake Insurance?

(September 10, 2011)

While the recent earthquake on Friday did not seem to cause major damages, it is a reminder for home owners in Vancouver that we should be covered for this potential problem.  Damage from earthquake results from (1) ground shaking and (2) fire ignited from the quake.  It is easy to envision the problems following an earthquake when we have split coverage.

Fire protection is standard for home insuranc... read more.

novo furniture - the livingroom store

(September 08, 2011)

I have lived in Vancouver most of my life, mostly living in condos in downtown Vancouver and houses on the westside of Vancouver, however spent most of my time hanging on the Eastside of Vancouver. I told myself, one day i will be living in East Vancouver and so the time has come, i bought a Townhome in a 2 year old Parklane Homes development on East 11th & Guelph Street.

As any new home buyer mov... read more.

Smoking Lily (thanks for the good wallet)

(September 07, 2011)

Smoking Lily | 3634 Main St., | East Van Prime Minister Trudeau's face on a pair of underpants!? Love it! It was the first item I ever bought from Smoking Lily. Now whenever I'm on Main Street I always make a point of stopping by to indulge in their local whimsical wares. Last week I fell in love with 'The Good Wallet'... who knows what could be next, perhaps the Elle Mariachi sweater.... 

'The Goo... read more.

The Cultch - 38 Years in East Vancouver

(September 06, 2011)

Location:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC

Opening its doors in 1973, this once abandoned church building was converted into a cultural center, playing host to theater, dance, and music performances.  It is a not-for-profit organization, and for 38 years, local and international artists have graced its stage. 

Cultch also offers mentorship programs for youths interested in dance, directing, play... read more.

These Boots were made for gawking 

(September 05, 2011)

It was 1997, I was at the movie 'Addicted to Love' mesmerized by Meg Ryan's character Maggie wearing black biker boots paired with dresses, skintight pants and a suede blazer. From that moment I knew where I had to go - Dayton on East Hastings. The next day I bought myself a pair of Rebels, and 14 years later they look and feel just as amazing as they did in '97. In fact, they're even better! Dayt... read more.

The Whip Restaurant + Gallery

(September 01, 2011)

THE WHIP RESTAURANT & GALLERY  209 E.6th Ave, East Vancouver Looking for a patio to imbibe these last days of summer away? The Whip is unpretentious hip, located near all sorts of great lofts & condos; the Stella is only a stroll away. At The Whip, be surrounded by lovely art & great music... all the while enjoying a cold bottle of St. Ambrose Apricot Wheat Ale and a big plate of perogies pan seare... read more.