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Happy Halloween!

(October 31, 2011)

The team at My East Van wishes everyone a safe and fun Halloween! 


The Irish Potato Famine (1845-50) prompted over 700,000 people to immigrate to the Americas. These immigrants brought with them their traditions of Halloween and Jack o'Lanterns - carving out turnips and lighting them. But turnips were not as readily available as back home. They found the American pumpkin to be a more... read more.

Buyers Beware:  Grow-Op Homes

(October 27, 2011)

It is the unfortunate truth that some homes in Vancouver have been used as illegal marijuana grow-ops.  For Buyers, why do you care whether or not the property was previously used as a marijuana grow-op?

Well there are several reasons, most of which affects the value of the property. A lot of moisture is required to grow the plants, and this moisture gets into the walls of the home. Over time, the... read more.

Vancouver Kitchen Tour

(October 25, 2011)

On Nov. 5, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 250 ticket holders can tour six fabulous Vancouver kitchens. Those homeowners are opening their doors so you can find inspiration and great ideas for your cooking space, should you be planning a renovation or a new installation.

Proceeds from the tour benefit a host of civic projects including a new greenhouse for the Environmental Youth Alliance, UBC Botanical Ga... read more.

Carved Pumpkins at River District Centre

(October 23, 2011)

Pumpkin Carving Contest and Mystery Movie Night.

When:  Sunday, October 30 - 2:00pm
Where:  River District Centre

For more details:

Celebrate the upcoming Halloween celebration at the River District Centre. Bring your pre carved pumpkins from home to be judge at 2pm. Then at 4pm, they will be showing a Mystery Movie. Throughout the afternoon, there will be a photobo... read more.

Office in the Shed? Yes!

(October 20, 2011)

We went to the Home+Design show last weekend and happened upon this great concept - A Modern Shed. Imagine, a detached space in your backyard for an office, yoga studio, guest room, 'woman cave' etc. Forget about the typical backyard shed that holds lawn mowers, cans of paint and smells of old grass clippings & gasoline. These sheds are truly beautiful spaces and could really add a special vibe to... read more.

Mortgage Rates are Staying Low

(October 16, 2011)

Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist from BMO Capital Markets gives a forecast of the Canadian Market in her monthly issue of "Focus". 

Some highlights are: 
- Looks like interest rates should hold steady for the coming 12 months.
- Canadian and US dollar exchange rate should stabilize around 1 to 1.
- The 3rd Quarter of the year has bounced back from a dip in the market in the 2nd Quarter.

For the fu... read more.

Vancouver Home + Design Show 

(October 14, 2011)

Looking for inspiration to pretty up your space? 
The Vancouver Home + Design Show starts today! On from October 13-16th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 
Click here for more info about purchasing tickets. 

What Does Your Property Assessment Mean?

(October 11, 2011)

During the Beginning of the year, homeowners will receive their BC Assessments in the mail.  The question in most people's mind:  "Is this what my home is worth?"  The answer is "probably not."  Historically, the BC Assessments have been lower than the property's actual market values.  Though it would be a mistake to assume this is always the case.  Here's why...

First of all, keep in mind that the asse... read more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(October 10, 2011)

Holidays are always a great opportunity to spend some time with family and friends... and of course an excuse to stuff yourself with great food!  We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Best Wishes,
- The Team from My East Van -

Collingwood | East East Van

(October 07, 2011)

Collingwood is heating up! This fabulous Character home with a modern twist got over asking! Listed for $825K, it just sold for $901K. $76,000 over asking! I like to call Collingwood East East Van. It’s a little edgier than other east side hoods, meaning it needs some time to become it’s neighboring Mount Pleasant with high end shoe shops and fine dining restaurants. But the good news about this l... read more.

Le marché St. George | 4393 St. George @ E.28th

(October 06, 2011)

 photo taken by Luis Valdizon

You know when you come across a hidden gem, and you wonder if you should share it, for fear it will no longer be yours? Well this is one of those gems, but I've decided to spread the word nonetheless because it's the cutest and loveliest little spot that should be enjoyed by all. Nestled in the Fraser neighborhood is Marché St. George at the corner of E.28th and St. Ge... read more.

What You Should Know About Mortgage Penalties

(October 06, 2011)

Don't forget to check the terms of your mortgage before selling your home.  If you don't consult your bank or lender beforehand, you may run into unexpected penalties on the completion date.  Some mortgages will even stop you from transferring the home into the Buyer's name.  Here's some information you may want to know:

  • Not all variable rate mortgages can be paid off without penalties. Many variable... read more.

#REBGV Stats Package - Vancouver is a buyers market

(October 04, 2011)

Consistent increases in property listings and fewer home sales over the summer
months has helped move the Greater Vancouver housing market into the upper end of a buyers’ market.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales of detached, attached and apartment properties on the region’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) reached 2,246 in September, a 1.2 pe... read more.

My Weekend Walk Thru The River District

(October 02, 2011)

There has been a lot of buzz over the River District and the new development happening there.  The best way to see what's going on, is to take a walk through the neighbourhood.  Here's what I saw!

The city has announced its intention to redevelop the area, adding new homes, schools, community centers, and other nearby amenities. The River District is located along the banks of the Fraser River, the a... read more.