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Chinese Invest money in Vancouver Real Estate

(May 06, 2011)

VANCOUVER— From Saturday March 11 Globe and Mail Gary Mason
In Vancouver, real estate is the economy. So for many, news that Chinese investors are once again arriving in droves to buy up property is being cheered.

Real-estate agents haven’t seen anything like it since the mid-1990s, when fears surrounding the Hong Kong handover fuelled the first rush into the local market by Chinese investors. This... read more.

Top 25 Grants & Rebates for Home Buyers & Owners 

(May 06, 2011)

1. Home Buyers’ Plan Qualifying home buyers can withdraw up to $25,000 (couples can withdraw up to $50,000) from their RRSPs for a down payment. Home buyers who have repaid their RRSP may be eligible to use the program a second time. Canada Revenue Agency Enter ‘Home Buyers’ Plan’ in the search box | 1.800.959.8287

2. GST Rebate on New Homes New home buyers can apply for a rebate of... read more.