Buyers Beware:  Grow-Op Homes

(October 27, 2011 )

It is the unfortunate truth that some homes in Vancouver have been used as illegal marijuana grow-ops.  For Buyers, why do you care whether or not the property was previously used as a marijuana grow-op?

Well there are several reasons, most of which affects the value of the property.  A lot of moisture is required to grow the plants, and this moisture gets into the walls of the home.  Over time, the moisture will cause mold.  Obviously, this is a health hazard, and may cost a significant amount to fix. 

To help with this problem, the RCMP is now publishing online addresses of homes where marijuana grow-ops and other drug production operations were found.  "Current and future homeowners will now have a tool that will lower their risk of being victimized by unknowingly buying a home that was used to grow marijuana or produce chemical drugs."  The list is not complete, but it should be part of your background check if you are concerned about the history of the property.

To see the list, or for more info: