My Weekend Walk Thru The River District

(October 02, 2011 )

There has been a lot of buzz over the River District and the new development happening there.  The best way to see what's going on, is to take a walk through the neighbourhood.  Here's what I saw!

The city has announced its intention to redevelop the area, adding new homes, schools, community centers, and other nearby amenities.  The River District is located along the banks of the Fraser River, the area south of Marine Drive in Vancouver.  I took a walk through the area to see what it looks like today.  My walk took place on SE Kent Avenue, walking from East to West; from Blanche Street to Kerr Street.  The road is surrounded by lowrise and townhouse complexes which is characteristic of the area.  Most of which has a view of the river. 

I start my walk at Riverfront Park.  The park includes children's playground/swings, tennis courts, basketball courts, and large field.   

I head east and after a short walk, a trail appears leading me towards the banks of the river.  On my right - small areas of sand and docks; on my left - large grass fields and trees.  It's a quiet afternoon but joggers and families walk pass me on the trail.

As I approach Kerr Street - site of the new townhouses being built, I come to the River District Presentation Center, which is now also being used as a community center.  The center currently holds yoga classes, and kindergarten/daycare services for the neighbourhood.

I finally reach my destination.  On Kerr Street, the road is blocked off, stopping me from going any further west.  Construction has begun for Polygon's New Water development, which is the first of many new homes that will be built in the area.  If you have not been to the area, I hope this gives you an idea of the it looks like.  It will be interesting to see how the River District will change the neighbourhood.