Vancouver Specials can be Special!

(September 21, 2011 )

                                                                  Vancouver Special Renovation by Iconstrux Architecture

If you're from around these parts you know a Vancouver Special when you see one. A boxy, kinda homely 2 level house, patio off the top floor surrounded by metal railings. There may or may not be a set of lion statues greeting you at the entrance...
Thousands of Vancouver Specials were constructed in the 1960's and 70s and have become a dominant house type. The Vancouver Special is enjoying a wave of new popularity with their adaptability to two family dwellings, giving first time buyers a chance to get into the Vancouver Market. It's also a perfect candidate for an architectural makeover. Instead of tearing these well constructed homes down and sending them to the landfill, these 'homely' boxes are being transformed into beautiful abodes.The 3rd annual Vancouver Special Tour is happening Saturday, September 24th 12:00-5pm. 
Buy Tickets: The Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Check out this 'Vancouver Special' listing in Hastings Sunrise: Vancouver Special for Sale Call any time, and we'll set up a showing! 

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