Not All Realtors are the same

(July 27, 2012 )

Not all Realtors are the same.  You've probably heard that before, but what I'm referring to is not that some Realtors are good, and some are bad.  Every single one is different, and so will you experience with your Realtor.

Throw away the stereotype of the typical Realtor.  It's like saying every doctor, lawyer, accountant, and teacher do the same job.  Would you trade your trusted family doctor for just any other doctor?  So don't think every Realtor is the same.  He or she is an essential part, when you are buying or selling one of the largest assets in your life - your home.

Though all of us go through the same training and licensing process, all Realtors have different experiences, personalities, and skill sets.  Did you know most seasoned Realtors focus either on Buying OR Selling properties, and not both at the same time?  Experience in real estate is important, but so is knowledge in mortgage rules, real estate taxes, and property law.  Most importantly though is having a Realtor that you can get along with.  Someone you feel comfortable sharing work and family details with.  It will go a long way in having that Realtor find the right neighbourhood and home for you. 

Pick one that you would use again.  Not all are the same.  It's not a matter of good or bad, but the best one for you to work with.