Renting Out Your Property - Know Your Rights

(June 17, 2012 )

Renting out your property, or homes with mortgage helpers have been increasingly popular in the last several years.  But do you know your rights as a homeowner?  If you get a "bad" tenant, can you just kick that person out?  The answer is No.  The provincial government has very detailed rules that protect the rights of the landlords and the tenants.  Here is a quick list of some reasons you can serve notice to your "bad" tenant:
  • Extraordinary damage or puts property at risk (can serve 1 month notice)
  • Jeopardizes landlord or other occupant(s) safety or rights (can serve 1 month notice)
  • Engage in illegal activity (can serve 1 month notice)
  • Knowingly provide false info about property to potential renter or buyer of property (can serve 1 month notice)
  • Unreasonable number of occupants (can serve 1 month notice)
  • Landlord use, close family use, or major construction (can serve 2 month notice)
  • Tenant does not pay all rent or utilities (can serve 10 day notice)

For a guide to our BC Tenancy Act, check out the official government site: