Vancouver asks BC Hydro for Smart Meter opt-out

(May 02, 2012 )

Vancouver city council has voted unanimously to ask that B.C. Hydro “offer an opt out option” to British Columbians opposed to having a wireless smart meter at their homes.

The motion as approved follows: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT The City of Vancouver write to BC Hydro requesting:

1) That BC Hydro provide public assurances that individual household privacy will be maintained in any public release or sharing of data collected by Smart Meters; and that this data not be sold to private companies;

2) That a “just transition” strategy is in place for BC Hydro employees whose jobs will be impacted by the introduction and maintenance of the Smart Meter program;

3) That BC Hydro offer an opt out option while continuing to research alternatives for real-time measurement of energy usage in British Columbia based on best practices in other jurisdictions.