Power Smart Homes

(March 05, 2012 )

Buying an energy-efficient home is one of the best ways to maximize your home budget," says Doug Overholt, representative for BC Hydro's Power Smart New Home program. "If you save on expenses, you can afford more mortgage. But many new homes are not built with energy efficiency in mind - so looking for the EnerGuide label is wise."

  1. Mortgage insurance: Power Smart New Homes qualify for a 10% refund on CMHC Mortgage Insurance.
  2. Monthly bills: Homes that are rated EnerGuide 80 use at least 30% less energy than an average new home. That's money in your pocket every month - when energy costs are only expected to rise.
  3. Resale: As energy costs rise and green building continues to gain popularity, a home that demonstrates its efficiency will likely hold its value as compared to one that is inefficient with high monthly operating costs.

Article from:  https://www.vancouversun.com/