Fighting the 2.5% Property Tax Increase

(March 02, 2012 )

Vancouver's Fair Tax Coalition has started their campaign to try and convince city council to cancel its planned 2.5% property tax increase, and its 7.9% utility tax increase.

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Until the city finds every last cent of efficiencies, it is wrong to saddle taxpayers with another property tax increase, said coalition member Ed des Roches.

“From a taxpayer point of view, we feel we’ve been overpaying for services because of these inefficiencies, and now when we find them we want them,” said des Roches. “The bureaucracy can work at finding them to free up money and then just spend it. What we’re saying is the taxpayer needs to see some of this.”

But Coun. Raymond Louie, chairman of council’s finance committee, said the city has already squeezed its budget to the maximum and it has plugged any efficiencies it finds back into supporting needed services.

“We do return it to our citizens. Every time we find an inefficiency we return [it] in either reduced costs overall, improved service or the maintaining of services.

Council will make a final determination on its 2012 operating budget on March 5.